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Winchester School of Chinese Culture (WSCC), which was found in 2004, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to teach the language and traditional culture of China through classroom instructions, the arts, and cultural events and to promote and engage in cultural exchanges and civic activities to develop and sustain community-school partnerships.

Weekend Program

The Weekend Program is open Sunday mornings from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm, except holidays which follow the Winchester Public School schedule. The Program currently offers the following courses: Chinese Language Courses and Extra Curricular Courses. Students can also choose from the following courses: Chess, Chinese Brush Painting, Chinese Dance, Chorus, Drawing, English, Foil Fencing, Math Olympics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and SAT Preparation.
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After-School Program

The After-School Program is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). EEC enforces strong licensing standards for the health, safety and education of all children in child care.
The Program operates from two sites in Winchester and from one site in Belmont. The Program follows the Winchester or Belmont Public School calendar and is not open on those days that a given school system is closed, including announced snow days.
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Summer Camp Program

The Summer Camp Program offers Chinese immersion experience with intensive language training and rich cultural activities for students age five to ten. The Camp emphasizes the development of Chinese language through student-centered real-life language performance, game playing, and cultural activities. Students discover and explore the fun and pleasure of understanding and mastering the Chinese language.
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Winchester School
of Chinese Culture

Weekend Program:

Lynch Elementary School

19 Brantwood Road

Winchester, MA 01890

After-School Program & Summer Camp:

Winchester Unitarian Church

478 Main Street

Winchester, MA 01890

Email: wscc.info@gmail.com
Website: www.wscc-ma.org
Phone: 617-909-2497

In 2004, a group of parents in Winchester, Massachusetts decided to organize a Chinese school for children of every background. Their vision was to create a school that students looked forward to attending every week; one where they could learn practical communication skills and develop a life-long appreciation for the language and traditional culture of China.

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