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Wing Fook. Funeral Home is the first funeral business in the Greater Boston area and the New England States offering a home for Asian ceremonies and traditions. Chinese-American Wing Chan and his family opened Wing Fook Funeral Home in Boston's South End in 1995.
Wing Fook Funeral Home prides itself by offering a wide of variety services not only to the Asian-American community, but to people of all denomination and their different cultural backgrounds.

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So I know it may seem a bit morbid to review a funeral home but I had a very close friend of 10 years who died last week and Wing Fook handled all the arrangements. I have never been in a more beautiful funeral home so I had to write a review on it. The staff was so warm and professional and did everything they could to make the guests comfortable at the wake (this is something one would expect but I honestly have dealt with the opposite from other places in the past). The decor was so tasteful and elegant; Ming dynasty furniture (probably reproductions but gorgeous nonetheless) in the reception with plush Chinese carpets, beautful painted murals on the sky-high ceilings right when you walk in, a subdued pale green colour palate, and even a grand wooden double-doored entrance. The place really had a regal feel to it and stood out amongst the usual 'cookie-cutter' type funeral homes I have seen in the past. Myself and several other guests commented that "in 60 years or so they will have a whole bunch of business from us" HAHA. It really was that impressive.

Wing Fook is a Chinese-owned business but they accomodate any nationality and/or belief system (my friend was Vietnamese and they still did a terrific job). Everything was planned perfectly and it made me so happy that my close friend got to have such a beautiful service. I know she was smiling down from where ever she is now.

By David T., Milford, MA

Wing Fook
Funeral Home

  Add.: 13 Gerard Street,
           Boston, MA 02119
  Tel.: (617) 989-8833

  Email: wingfook@wingfook.com
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Warm, Detailed, Thoughtful, Dignified and Conscientious.

Wing Fook Funeral Home Willing the Dead Rest in Peace!


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